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How To Sell on Heave...
Welcome to Heaven's Handmades!

Heaven's Handmades is a brand new website where you can buy and sell handmade arts and crafts of all types from quilts to recycle crafts, paintings to drawings, digital arts and beyond. We post tutorials, patterns and templates for creating your own crafts and offer many other areas like Forums, Photo Galleries, Member Profiles, Chat Rooms, Shoutbox, e-store, blogs and so very much more with even more planned for the future. Members can post content link Forum Posts, Photos, Photo Galleries, Blogs, Articles, Tutorials, Q&A, Products For Sale, News, Downloads, Links and tons more. We also allow you to host images and so much more. Once you take the two minutes or less to register, you will see tons of new areas opened up to you!

Many areas of the site will not be available to you for use unless you register a free account with us. Some areas will still be available like the e-store to make purchases and etc. but you will not be able to participate in the forums and etc and it is very important to be able to access and participate in our forums. While we welcome everyone as this is a family friendly site, if you are under the age of 18, parental consent will be required for you to join this site. You must provide us with an email address and phone number for your parent or guardian at the time of registration before your account will be activated if you are not 18 years of age. We do not cater to anyone under the age of 13. Please register to take full advantage of the site and to sell and buy. You can register by clicking the Register link or clicking here. Without registering, you will not be able to take full advantage of the site or it's features. Registration is totally free. After registering and logging in, please click the Edit Profile link and enter information about yourself. This let's us learn about you and get to know you a little better. There are many fields not available during registration after logging in. Also, select an Avatar from our Avatar Studio or Upload your own! Please also introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum so we can learn a little more about you as well.

We have an excellent web developer, known as Mohd here on our site, that is working on creating a brand new Multi-Vendor Platform for us so that our sellers can open their own stores, list their own items, set up and collect their own payments and choose their own shipping methods, offer coupons, promotions and so much more without the need for our Admins to list their products and collect payments for them. This will eliminate the hassle we had before with our sellers needing to send their photos, descriptions, prices & etc. to us to be listed for them and then collect their payments and forward the payments to them. This will be an excellent and awesome new platform. It will also make buying from your favorite sellers a breeze. Mohd is working very hard to get this all together for us and it is installed but is not ready for public viewing yet. I have posted screenshots of what is completed in the News section of the site, so please check it out. I will keep posting updates as they are available to me.

Please be patient as with us as we work hard to get the new Multi-Vendor Platform and other rockin' features implemented into the site. You can still use our old eShop and the Forum to sell your items, buy items and swap items. If you need to list items in the old eShop platform, please follow the steps in the How to Sell on Heaven's Handmades Article on the site. That article also highlights many other ways you can sell. To sell in the eShop, please fill out the form here for each product to be added to the eShop. There is a fee of 5% of the items total IF it sells, PLUS any fees incurred for accepting payments for your sale from PayPal (2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction) for any items you sell via the eShop at this time.

As you can see I am working hard to get the site in order. I have installed a nice new drop down navigation menu at the top of the site instead of the giant space consuming menu that was on the left hand side. I have tested it on Chrome and IE and it works fine. If you experience issues, send a PM to CrafterAmberWV with which browser you use so it can be tested further. I do know there is an issue with it working with mobile devices and I am working on a fix for that, in the meantime, please use a PC if you have access to one.

Since we want to keep this community active and ensure our registered members are still interested, starting on February 5th, 2018, any user that has not logged in within 8 weeks will be contacted via email to notify them that they have not logged in, in 8 or more weeks. Those users will be sent an EMAIL notifying them that is it has been 8 weeks since their last login. The registered user will be given exactly one week (SEVEN DAYS) to respond or login. If the user does not respond or login within the 7 days, their account will be DELETED and an email will be dispatched to the user notifying them that their account has been deleted and they will need to register again to gain access to the site. Typically, if a user has not logged in for 8 weeks, either they have lost their login information and cannot login, are SPAMMERS, have forgotten they registered or are no longer interested. You must respond to the email if you're having trouble logging in or there is some reason you cannot login within seven days. We have some members that have not logged in for 11 months or more. We are also going to start implementing a rule that you post at least once on the site, whether it's shoutbox, forums, comments, articles, photos, news or anywhere at least once monthly to remain active. I am sorry this has to happen but we need ACTIVE MEMBERS. Notification will be given when this rule becomes effective. Thanks to everyone for the cooperation, it is appreciated.

I am also working on a Premium Memberships feature that will allow you to receive discounts on seller fees, freebies, access to areas of the site others cannot access, special promotions and discounts and so much more. This will be an automated system and will be recurring billing so it will need to be cancelled if you wish to cancel your Premium Membership Subscription. I will keep everyone updated on the progress. Right now it is in planning stages and tons of cool features will come along with it.

I am currently seeking between 1-5 PHP-Fusion Developers that can help develop new Infusions, Mods, Panels and Themes for this site and other PHP-Fusion sites I own and run. I am looking for developers that are seeking permanent positions, can work in a team atmosphere and can work on both small and large projects. Pay will be by the job, not by the hour and you can "bid" on the project and basically name your own price. Each project will have a budget and you cannot bid more than the budget but I do give bonuses for work well done and work completed properly ahead of schedule. To apply you will need at least two references (people you've worked for in past, does not need to be PHP-Fusion projects), at least two work samples (preferably PHP-Fusion projects but not required) and you MUST fill out an application and complete an interview.You will need Skype, Facebook Messenger, AIM, Yahoo Messenger or Text Messaging to complete the interview. If you are interested, please fill out an application by clicking here.

I will be changing our Polls on the site once every 7 days. Please login and VOTE for each Poll. It is very important. Without member input, this site will go no where. Some polls are regarding new features, some are regarding the site in general and some are regarding totally different things and your input is important to us. We listen to what our members and visitors say, so don't think your vote doesn't count, because EVERY vote counts. Without your input we don't know what you do and don't want and what is and isn't working for you. Also please check out the Features and Features Requests Forums, let us know what you want to see here, don't be shy.

Should you encounter any bugs or errors, please let us know by sending a PM to CrafterAmberWV, emailing or texting 1-304-506-6875 and we will check into it for you. It is impossible to test the entire site on everyone browser and device available out there and we do need our visitors to let us know if they encounter bugs, errors or issues so we can get them resolved ASAP.

Multi-Vendor Shop Screenshot Sneak Preview

A sneak preview screenshot of the new multi-vendor shop.

eShop Menu



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· 21-04-2018 11:13
I've enabled a ton of BB-Codes for your use throughout the website like text color, size, background color, search engines, ebay search and more.

· 21-04-2018 11:04
I hope to see everyone soon and get this Multi-Vendor Platform into production. I have been down with a lot of sickness lately but am feeling better.

· 14-03-2018 17:59
Multi-Vendor Portal is live and ready to be used. See this thread: http://heavenshand

· 23-02-2018 03:51
Check out this forum post for a sneak peak of our multi-vendor platform: http://heavenshand

· 18-02-2018 07:00
We need crafters to sell their work so if you're a crafter, send me a Private Message!

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